Dovo Razors


Kate Upton will sell more razors than most, but if your five o’clock shadow is becoming an issue, you might want to get serious about how you treat your face. “Old School” always seems to make its way to “New School” and Dovo (straight) razors are in. Their signature razors, the Dovo Diamant 5/8″ Straight Razor with Black Blade, will rival your watch in sophistication and MacBook Pro in performance. Made of black carbon steel, 24 carat gold “Dovo Diamant” etching and scales from African white ebony, this razor is arguably a work of art. Each handcrafted Dovo razor is made by a master honemeister and requires that you maintain it by them, and only them or your warranty is voided.

Quick tip: Learn how to use a straight razor before you start with your neck.

Price: $100+
Source: Dovo Razors

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