Wódka Vodka


Vodka is a distilled spirit made of grains, potatoes, or sometimes fruits. Wódka Vodka is a rye based, award-winning vodka that has made a name on their quality and crazy billboards. One of the billboards reads, “Escort quality, hooker prices” and they have a “build a billboard” section on their website. Wódka stands out above all vodkas for their incredible value at $10 a bottle when most vodkas of this quality cost $30 and over. For $10 you are not buying sipping vodka, but you are buying quality Polish vodka with a clean crisp taste that has hints of rye. Wódka believe in drinkability, value and fun. Make your favorite martini or try a recipe from their site.

Price: $10 (750ml)
Source: Wódka Vodka