Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass Cups


After a long week, all anyone really wants to do is pour themselves a drink (preferably a strong one). As with many of the finer things in life the Bodum Pavina is handmade. Or in this case, mouth-blown. Aficionados of whiskey and coffee may already know of Bodum (pronounced like “bottom”) and its excellent glass cups, but the young man marching onward into manhood from a dorm of plastic beer pong cups probably doesn’t.

The Pavina double wall cups are better than regular cups for a few reasons. It keeps “hot drinks warmer and cool drinks cooler” and eliminates condensation due to its double glass wall design, which means you don’t need to place them on coasters or worry about liquid rings ruining any surfaces. Microwave and dishwasher safe, the Pavina has proven to be a favorite for any type of drink. Bodum double wall cups are available in different sizes from 2.5 oz ($15) to 15 oz ($30).

Price: $15+
Source: Bodum