Kikkerland USB 5-in-1 Cable Charger Adapter


Packing charging cables for a trip is always a pain these days, especially if you’ve got devices that use different charging ports. Save yourself the extra cable baggage and grab a Kikkerland 5-in-1 cable adapter. It works like a puzzle and splits apart to reveal a mini USB, micro USB, 30-pin connector (works with every iPod, iPad, iPhone except for the iPhone 5, iPad (4th-gen), iPad mini, iPod nano (7th-gen) and iPod Touch (5th-gen), a Nokia plug and a full-sized USB port. And then it comes back together. While it’s missing the Lighting cable that Apple introduced with the iPhone 5, Kikkerland’s adapter is still pretty darn handy for people who like to travel lightly.

Price: $15

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