Gatsby Moving Rubber


Everyone’s hair is different. That said, there are quite possibly millions of hair products that work for some, and don’t work for others. As Asian Americans, we’ve got thick hair that tends to require more work to get it styled just right. One of our favorite gel/mousse/hair spray alternatives is Gatsby’s Moving Rubber. Made in Japan by Mandom Corporation, Gatsby has been a staple for us before we leave our houses for years.

Mandom currently makes seven kinds of Moving Rubber (not including the Technical Design Clay). From the “Spiky Edge” to the “Cool Wet” look, there’s something for everyone. We’ve tried all of them, and have found Spiky Edge, Wild Shake and Technical Design Clay to be extremely versatile in conquering New York’s flip-flopping weather and seasons.

Here’s a handy chart to help you decide which Gatsby Moving Rubber is right for your type of hair:


Prices vary depending on shops, but we’re able to get them for around $10-15 in New York City. A good place to look for them would be a Japanese lifestyle store, supermarket or perhaps Chinatown, if you’ve got one near you.

Source: Gatsby Moving Rubber