Infusing Booze


We appreciate a good drink like the next fellow, but sometimes we need a different flavor. At some bars, the bartender can meet your every demand, but sometimes, you might want to try your hand at mixing your own drinks, and infusing spirits is an easy way to start. We have been doing this for a while and have had many hits and misses. Over the past few days, we have been experimenting with lavender, citrus and cinnamon. A few tips when doing your own infusions:

  • Constantly test elixirs
  • 100 proof alcohol or higher
  • Use inexpensive alcohol (vodka is a good start)
  • Look out for mold and/or keep in refrigerator
  • Try recipes that others have done
  • Have fun, because it’s just booze!

In a few days, we’ll do a follow-up to the infusions we tried:

  • Lavender Gin
  • Lavender and Pear Gin
  • Pear and Cinnamon Bourbon
  • Orangecello
  • Lemoncello