Sony SmartWatch 2


Sony’s on a roll this week. Not only did it unveil the gigantic Xperia Z Ultra smartphone, but it’s taking a second stab at the smartwatch with the appropriately named SmartWatch 2. Compatible with Android smartphones, the aluminum SmartWatch 2 improves on its predecessor with a slightly larger 1.6-inch display (1.3-inch on the first old SmartWatch), longer battery (up to four days, depending on usage) and NFC. On front of watch are the familiar Back, Home and Menu buttons, just like on Android smartphones. Sony also claims the SmartWatch 2 responds faster to touches and taps and is water and dust-resistant. Pricing hasn’t been revealed for this wearable, but we’re betting it’ll cost around $150, which is what the original Sony SmwartWatch cost.

Price: TBA
Source: Sony