Crif Dogs


With two locations — one in Manhattan’s East Village and one in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg — Crif Dogs is the self-declared “#1 wiener” of New York. The hipster-ish joints have a huge list of funky hot dogs with equally mad names that’ll suit any palate. First timers may want to try the Tsunami (house dog wrapped in bacon with teriyaki, pineapple and green onions), the Good Morning (bacon-wrapped house dog smothered in melted cheese and fried egg), or the Spicy Redneck (backon-wrapped house dog with chili, cole slaw and jalapeños).

Of course, you can also add your own crazy toppings from avocado to eggs to taylor ham to whatever hot dog you wish. One special thing to note about the Crif Dogs in the East Village: there’s a secret bar called PDT hidden behind that ordinary-looking telephone booth. We’ll let you figure out how to get in there.

Source: Crif Dogs




(All photos by Raymond Wong for Dapper Guide.)