Pebble Smartwatch


Despite them not being new, smartwatches that are actually, well, smart, are finally starting to become a thing. The Pebble Smartwatch, the second highest funded Kickstarter project ever (it received over $10 million in crowdfunding) is coming to a retail near you; Best Buy, specifically. The Pebble may not have a color screen, but its 1.26-inch “memory LCD” should mean the watch will last almost a week before needing a recharge. Compatible with iOS and Android, the Pebble Smartwatch sends notifications such as incoming calls, text messages and emails to your wrist. Depending on if its connected to iOS and Android, you can control things like music, calendars, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t actually use the Pebble for replying to emails, making calls, or texting — it’s more of a notification command center.

The Pebble will hit Best Buy stores on July 7 for $149.95 in Jet Black. A Cherry Red model is expected to arrive in August.

Price: $149.95
Source: Pebble

Meet Pebble: Now at Best Buy from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.