Bowery Mural: REVOK and POSE


Living in New York, your humble Dapper Guide editors are fortunate enough to be able to experience art on literally every possible avenue. While there are plenty of spots to find street art, one piece of wall space we highly appreciate is the ever-changing “Bowery Mural” on the corner of Houston Street and Bowery. With big name artists from Shepard Fairey to CRASH, the Bowery Mural has become one of the most coveted public wall spaces for rotating art in the Big Apple, if not the country.

We checked out the Bowery Mural to see what’s up and were elated to see the newly christened collaboration between graffiti artists REVOK and POSE. Mixing pop art and homages to the likes of long-gone artists such as AYER, CASE2, DONDI, NEKST, etc., the mural delivers an intensity that just sucks you in. Whether that’s from 10-inches or 10 feet away, REVOK and POSE’s piece draw attention without even trying.

To see past works on the Bowery Mural, we recommend ANIMAL’s chronicling.

(Image credit: Raymond Wong/Dapper Guide)