Artist: Domingo Zapata


Of all the places to find art, we found it in the MLB Fan Cave in NYC, a haven for baseball fans — the last place we’d expect to find explosive art that layers fantasy and reality. Although the small rotating art gallery located at the front of the MLB Fan Cave ended last weekend, we won’t be forgetting Domingo Zapata’s work any time soon. Zapata has become the “artist to watch,” according to Whitewall Magazine in 2011, and we couldn’t agree more.

As you can see, one of his paintings “defaces” the Mona Lisa with the words “Without creation we don’t…exist.” Wise words, indeed.

Zapata is currently working on a mural to be placed in the lobby of the new World Trade Center tower (formerly called the Freedom Tower).

Source: Domingo Zapata






(Photo credits: Raymond Wong for Dapper Guide)