The Bradley Timepiece


Kickstarter has become the space for new watchmakers, and we’re seeing interesting automatic, quartz, digital watches made with all different types of materials. The Bradley watch is making waves by raising $300K out of a $40K goal with a truly innovative timepiece. This watch is catered towards the consumer that can’t look at their watch and for the sight impaired. We’re not really interested in telling time during a meeting or in movie theater, but we like the unique mechanics of this quartz watch that utilizes ball bearings held in tracks and magnets to tell time. This titanium body is caseless and durability may be an issue, however, we really haven’t seen a watch of this nature before and excited to get our hands on it. The project is fully funded so either get your watch now for $128 on Kickstarter or when it hits stores.

Price: $128
Source: The Bradley