Calvin & Hobbes Custom iPhone 5 SodaCase Case Review


It’s been about three weeks since we received our very own custom “SodaCase” case for our iPhone 5. In that time, we’ve dropped our cased up iPhone 5 a handful of times from varying heights (by accident) without so much as a scratch on the actual smartphone itself. That’s not bad for a plastic case that’s all about the customized aesthetic and not about the protection.


Ordering a custom SodaCase is as easy as gets. You visit the website, select what type of smartphone you have — iPhone 4/4S/5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile), GS2 (Skyrocket) or Galaxy Note II — and then select the layout. There are six layouts to choose from with different “grids.” One option includes eight square photos, another includes 18 square images, and another has them alternating. Next comes the photo-picking part, with preset patterns selectable or photos from Facebook, Instagram or your computer a click away. Then, once you’ve got the pictures you want, all you do is drag them on top of the friendly smartphone diagram and move them around as you see fit.


While we have concerns about reproducing copyrighted images and trademarks, so far, everything seems to be alright. As you can see in the photos in this review, we decided to print up a Calvin & Hobbes print.


Here you can see the sides are still transparent. The cut-outs for the volume buttons and mute switch are slightly off center, and we wish there was protection on the top and bottom, but overall, the case is superb. We’ve got one crack on a corner of the case from a three-foot drop, but it’s hardly noticeable and doesn’t look like it’ll spread.





For a small company, SodaCase completely blew us away with its attention to detail, not just for its quality-printed case, but for this:




Each SodaCase case comes with a matching microfiber cloth with the same print that you selected or created for your case. Seriously, how cool is that? Nobody ever says, “Whoa, that’s one cool microfiber cloth!” Obviously, the cloth is included to either wipe down your smartphone screen or wipe off the dust that somehow manages to accumulate inside of the case from the cutouts, but we’ve used it for wiping our glasses in public, and the response has been very positive.

Whether it’s for yourself or for a gift, SodaCase’s cases provide a one-of-a-kind design that’s truly tailored to individual users. If you’re going to get a snap-on case, we’d recommend one of these over a generic $5 one from a street vendor or even an Incase snap-on.