Beats Studio Headphones (2013)


Five years ago, Beats took the world by storm with its bass-heavy, and stylish Studio headphones. Released in a rainbow of colors and made famous by celebrities across the globe, the Studio headphones became less about sound and all about making a fashion statement.

Beats By Dre’s completely redesigned its Studio headphones to be “lighter, sexier, stronger, and more comfortable” With a 20-hour rechargeable battery, the new Studio headphones finally kick the batteries to the curb. The bass has been dialed down a little for more balanced audio and the built-in dual-mode adaptive noise-canceling help block outside sound from seeping in.

Will the revamped Studio headphones have the same attraction as the originals? It’s tough to say. The new Studio headphones feel more grown up, which might not echo with the younger crowd that was so quick to latch onto the Beats brand. We’ll just have to find out when Beats’ Studio headphones drop on August 4.

Price: $299.95
Source: Beats By Dre