Carmina Shoemakers


Men’s shoes are a cluttered category with many shoemakers known as the “best in the world.,” We’ve found everyone has a particular preference, but that there is a differentiation in quality similar to a difference in Rolex and Longines. Carmina is nearly at the top of the list for their quality and designs. They started in 1866 in Mallorca, Spain by making custom-tailored shoes and in 1997 they expanded their brand worldwide (stores/shoe collections). All shoes at Carmina impart an 11-step handmade process and they use world-class techniques like Goodyear welt construction. Materials used are shell Cordoban leather in addition to special leathers based on the model. We’re blown away with the attention to detail and construction of each shoe — truly custom made for your specific foot contours. These are shoes that will last a lifetime with proper care.

Price: $400+
Source: Carmina Shoemakers