Music: Gentleman’s Vibe — ‘From Fist Fights to Pinstripes’


We first caught wind of Gentleman’s Vibe (GMV) in a Peter Chao video on YouTube called “F*ck Christmas”. The hip-hop duo consisting of Justin Villarosa and Neal Zabala are Vancouver-based and create a lyrical style that not only makes frequent references to the likes of rappers such as Kanye West, but also to current events such as the recent Hurricane Sandy that have hit hard with the millennial generation. 

“From Fists to Pinstripes” features 11 original tracks created by GMV and produced by KTHX is a surprisingly refreshing break from the grittiness of hip-hop you’ll find playing on repeat on radio stations. If you get the impression they’re hipster rappers, you’re not alone. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

In GMV’s own words, as written on their Facebook page:

Inspired by leather jackets, classy women and the old Hollywood age, Gentleman’s Vibe has been steadily building upon their local and viral music presence by taking opportunities seriously and working hard to create a new movement in hip-hop. With their vintage, art deco image, their themed and cinematic sounds, they have garnered over 18,000 subscribers and over 2 million combined youtube views.”

Not too bad for two guys. Here’s the official music video for “Apartments” they just released on their YouTube channel:

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Source: DatPiff & Gentleman’s Vibe