Shiseido UNO Super Clay Wax


Generally speaking, we — or at least this editor — turn to Gatsby Moving Rubber to keep our hair styled without looking like we spent an hour doing son. However, on a recent trip to Seoul, we discovered an alternative hair wax that holds it down in even the most humid climates: Shiseido UNO Super Clay Wax. The amount of hair wax/clay you get in the can is less than what you would get in Gatsby, but you don’t really need to apply much of it in your hair. What you do need to do is make sure you’ve got it styled just the way you want it and then hold that shape with your fingers for a few seconds or else the UNO Super Clay Wax will break loose quickly.

Personally, I still think Gatsby smells better, but the UNO Super Clay Wax does the trick, especially for Asian hair. We found it for around $10 in Seoul, but a quick search online reveals it can be purchased for anywhere up to $15. (Any more and it’s just not worth buying.) As always, what works for one person’s hair may not work for another, so don’t get discouraged if you find out one hair product doesn’t provide the right hold or volume for your specific hair. Keep looking and don’t be afraid to try new products and eventually something will fit.

Price: $10-$15 (online)
Source: Shiseido


(Image credits: Raymond Wong/Dapper Guide)

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