Wonk Lorimer 4 Dresser


Wonk Furniture is located in Brooklyn, NY and their mission is to produce attractive, practical, and affordable furniture. We took notice of Wonk through Brooklyn Modern whose site features local New York City designers. The Lorimer 4 dresser stood out for us for the clean and modern look. This dresser would go well opposite a bed or on the side. The featured dresser is made of white oak with lacquered drawer fronts. The dimensions of this dresser are 60″L x 18″D x 24″H. Wonk encourages custom furniture commissions. The way it works is to chose the furniture model or design your own, then a finish and finally hardware options. You can design a minimalistic or decadent piece by changing the details and in 6-8 weeks your unique piece is ready.

Price: $1,595
Source: Wonk Furniture