Naparbier ZZ+ Amber Ale


On our recent trip to Barcelona, Spain we napped a few bottles of the Naparbier ZZ+ Amber Ale. We’re not sure how much of a role ZZ Top had in creating the Amber Ale, but the creative label did draw us to this beer. The Amber Ale uses all-natural unfiltered ingredients and is aged in cask ales. A theme we’re seeing with beers of Spain is to lay a ground work or history of craft beer that is non-existent by creating basic styles like an IPA, pale ale, saison, and lager.The Naparbier ZZ+ Amber Ale is just that, a solid and smooth ale. The image below is how Naparbier brews from start to finish.

  • Appearance – Deep amber, thin head, and cloudy
  • Aroma – Carmel, pineapple, orange rind, and citrus
  • Taste – Toffee, toasted nuttiness, light-medium-bodied
  • Overall – 7/10 smooth and refreshing ale with robust flavor

Source: Naparbier
(Top image credit: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)