Uniqlo AIRism Stetco


We’ve been hearing rave reviews about Uniqlo’s AIRism clothing line because of the comfort and breathability. Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player is a strong believer in the AIRism line because it minimizes sweat while he’s on the court. With the summer in full force, we’ll try anything to lower our perspiration. AIRism is made of ultra-fine fibers, fabric that absorbs odors, and is extremely flexible. We’re imagining Body Armour on steroids.

The AIRism line also extends to long underwear — the Stetco. That sounds like an oxymoron and something for the winter, but the AIRism Stetco minimizes sweating from your waist to your knee. We’ve all had perspiration issues and the AIRism technology minimizes those damp moments. If you’re not a fan of the long underwear, try the boxer briefs or even briefs.

Price: $12.90
Source: Uniqlo