Xbox 360 E


Smaller, sleeker and with a two-toned black design that mimics the upcoming Xbox One console, the Xbox 360 E is Microsoft’s commitment to the current generation of gaming. Announced at E3 in June, the new Xbox 360 E (the previous model was called Xbox 360 S), is the third iterative design of the 360 within the console’s eight-year life cycle. With almost 1,000 games published on the 360 to date, there’s enough software to fit anyone’s particular gaming tastes.

The new Xbox 360 E is available in three models: 4GB ($200), 250GB ($300) and a 4GB + Kinect bundle ($300). Deals on them are already starting at retails such as Best Buy.

Price: $200 (4GB), $300 (250GB), $300 (4GB + Kinect)
Source: Xbox