Imperial Matte Pomade Paste


While our go-to hair products include Gatsby’s Moving Rubber or Shiseido’s UNO Super Clair Wax, we’ve grown quite fond of Imperial’s Matte Pomade Paste. Made in sunny Los Angeles, the water-based Matte Pomade Paste provides a medium hold that dries up quickly without leaving thick flaking. The no-shine formula also keeps your hair looking naturally styled. If you’ve got very thick hair, it’s probably best you thin it out a little, as the Matte Pomade Paste provides better volume with lighter (weight, not color) hair.


And although the Matte Pomade Paste directions says it works great in damp hair, we had mixed results. We’ve always been of the belief that waxes, clays or any kind of gels or hair pastes work best when your hair is dry. $20 gets you a five ounce jar of Matte Pomade Paste, which is actually a lot of hair product. Remember, you only need to apply a small amount and then work it into your hair.

If you’re looking for something with a little more hold, Imperial also sells the Classic Pomade (strongest) and Fiber Pomade and Gel Pomade (third strongest).

Imperial also sells bundles including “The Shave Bundle” which gets you a Pre-Shave Oil, Glycerin Face/Shave soap, and Bergamot Aftershave for $30. A “Shave & Hair Bundle” includes the Matte Pomade Paste, Fiber Pomade, Gel Pomade and Classic Pomade for $45.

Price: $20 (Matte Pomade Paste)
Source: Imperial Barber Products

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