Tomr’s Tonic


Gin and tonic is best made with an aromatic gin, Perrier, and a quality tonic syrup. There are multiple gins and club sodas to choose from, but there’s only one tonic syrup, Tomr’s Tonic. This 100% organic, handcrafted syrup is made with cinchona bark (quinine), citrus, herbs, and cane sugar. This tonic is a combination of sweet, bitter, dry, and refreshing flavors. Since this is so flavorful, you won’t need much, thus saving money over the cheap common syrups. In the Julibox Collection No. 9, they use Tomr’s for the bold flavors that brings another dimension to the often under appreciated gin and tonic.

Price: $8.95-$11.95
Source: Tomr’s Tonic, YouTube, Julibox
(Top image credit: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)