PNY StorEDGE for MacBooks


The MacBook Air is one of the best laptops ever created, especially this year’s models, which have batteries that last from 9-12 hours. The biggest issue with the Air is that it doesn’t come with enough storage — the base models have 128GB and 256GB configurations — but if you want the 512GB model, it’ll set you back another $350. We’ve used standard SD cards to expand the storage temporarily, but the cards jut out become prone to snapping in your messenger bag or backpack.

The PNY StorEDGE is a smaller SD card that fits almost flush with the MacBook Air, but is still easy enough to remove when you need to. While the MacBook Air is the perfect candidate for the PNY StorEDGE, it also works with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Price: $99.99 (64GB), $199.99 (128GB)
Source: PNY