SideKick Extra Pale Ale Review


We’re soaking up the last of the summer weather and it’s a prerequisite to have a cold beer. Public alcohol consumption is illegal in most states, but thanks to cans our drinking is hidden from view. The SideKick Extra Pale Ale by Two Brothers Brewing Company sounds like your average pale ale, but this beer might be the best pale ale this year. The SideKick is the second year-round beer released in cans from Two Brothers. Crisp, light-bodied, and focused on a strong hops flavor, this beer is packed with flavor without feeling heavy.

  • Appearance – Pours a clear, bright yellow with strong carbonation
  • Aroma – Pine, earthy, grapefruit, and subtle malts
  • Taste – Light-bodied, citrus and juicy with a bitter smooth finish
  • Overall – 8.2/10 Strong flavor, session-like and extremely drinkable

Source: Two Brother Brewing Company