Nintendo 2DS


3D isn’t for everyone. That’s why Nintendo announced the 2DS, a low-cost 3DS that only plays games in 2D. Unlike the 3DS and 3DS XL’s foldable clamshell, the 2DS has a slate/tablet design with buttons that flank the top screen.

It plays all existing 3DS and DS games and has a front-facing camera and two cameras on the rear that can still take 3D pictures and video (for viewing on other 3DS models).

To get pricing down to $129.99, Nintendo took out the stereo speakers and replaced it with a monaural one. Otherwise, everything else remains the same as the original 3DS — same size screens with unchanged resolution, touchscreen bottom, and roughly the same battery life of up to five hours on a charge. The 2DS also charges via the same AC plug as the 3DS and 3DS XL devices.

North America and Europe-only for now, the 2DS will come in red or blue on October 12.

Price: $129.99
Source: Nintendo

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