Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet Review


To the homebody, a passport sleeve is useless. But, to a jetsetter, businessman or just the frequent flyer, a passport sleeve is as essential as a good carry-on luggage. A passport that gets flexed is one that needs to be protected. Despite its name, Bellroy’s Passport Sleeve Wallet is more than just a sleeve. Call it your vital travel companion, if you will.

It’s impossible to understand how useful a well-designed passport sleeve can be when you’re idling at an airport until you actually start using one. I travel a great deal throughout the year, so I’m no stranger to packing efficiently. Even so, I haven’t mastered the art of juggling my passport and wallet when it comes to passing through airport security and shopping at duty-free shops. I still get paranoid about losing both articles.

So it was with great enthusiasm I was able to use the Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet — a sort of all-in-one sleeve — on my recent travels. .

Like all of its wallets, the Passport Sleeve Wallet strikes the perfect balance between minimal design and multi-function. At 3.9 x 5.5-inches, the Passport Sleeve Wallet is hardly larger than the passport it will carry. It’s not much thicker than a passport, either.

Available in black or tan leather, each Passport Sleeve Wallet has a main slot for a passport, two slots for credit or debit cards, a rear slot for storing a boarding pass and a small and slim Walkie Ball Pen.



I cannot tell you how reassuring it is to grab a credit card from one of the two slots to buy a lunch or pay for a souvenir at the airport and not have to worry about fishing out your wallet. And you’ll always know if your passport is still there. It’s right there, in plain sight. The extremely snug fit pocket ensures it’s virtually impossible for a passport to slip out and the pull-tab located on the back is a nice touch for when a passport just refuses to come out.



The sleek refillable micro pen is equally as handy for filling out custom declaration forms or signing bills. Unless you already carry a pen on you, digging into your briefcase or carry-on for a pen come form-filling time is always a pain in the butt. The pen is also great for scribbling that gal’s number you saw three rows in front of you, too. Nothing is more memorable than giving out your number — analog style instead of whipping out your smartphone.

As with all of Bellroy’s products, the stitching is top-notch and the smell of the leather is not particularly strong, which is just how I like it.

If you’ve never owned a passport sleeve in your life, the Passport Sleeve Wallet is an excellent first choice. Forget the gaudy Coach or Louis Vuitton sleeves that cost twice or three times as much and get yourself a Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet. You’ll have more peace of mind passing through airport security knowing you’ve got all your important documents on you — inside of your jacket pocket. And like a good luggage, the Passport Sleeve should last a lifetime (at the very least, the next three years, covered by Bellroy’s warranty).

Price: $99.95
Source: Bellroy

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(All photos by Raymond Wong for Dapper Guide.)