Mondaine Giant Mesh Limited Edition Watch


Switzerland is the capital of watchmaking. However, we tend to forget the beautiful designs of their public clocks. Swiss railway clocks were created in the 1940’s by engineer, designer and Swiss Federal Railways employee (SBB), Hans Hilfiker. With such a long history in the world of horology, the SBB wanted a clock that was precise, and would become part of their national image. Since the creation of the SBB clock, Mondaine has been producing watches to mirror the design. Mondaine took Apple to court for use of their clock design in 2012, and won.

The Mondaine Giant Mesh Limited Edition watch is a practical, everyday watch. At 42mm, this watch is big, but it feels snug on our wrist. This runs on a Swiss made Ronda quartz 513 movement that is housed in a stainless steel case with a mineral crystal back. At $274.99, this watch is a steal. Get the working man’s watch.

Price: $274.99
Source: Watchismo