Style 101: Choosing Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes


Just because the last remnants of the summer’s warmth is starting to fade doesn’t mean your sunglasses should be packed away for the next two seasons. Here in NYC, a good pair of sunglasses (and some strong coffee) is all it takes to get us through a morning on the bright subway.

We’ve highlighted a ton of sunglasses this summer from Wayfarers to aviators to keyhole-style shades. But how do you know what kind of sunglasses fit your face?

While stumbling across the Internet’s fountain of wisdom, we found this helpful infographic that matches types of sunglasses best suited for certain face shapes. It’s not the definitive guide — there will never be one — but it’s a fair rule of thumb. The only thing the infographic doesn’t take into account are nose types, something very important when choosing eyewear.