Muji Notebook


When those epiphany’s come, we have to be ready to jot them down. An iPhone will work, but we also like to use writing notebooks. There are many notebooks to choose from, but when we’re in need of something barebones, we go with a Muji notebook. Muji is well-known in the world for their modern simplistic designs. Their stationary is second to none, and while most items appear overpriced, the pens and notebooks offer a great value.

The Muji notebook has over 300 pages with a very durable binding. We gave this notebook a stress test and afte a year of use, we’re not seeing any wear down in the binding. These notebooks come in various sizes and can fit in leather-bound covers. At $4.50, we could write a few novels for the prices of a luxury journal. Our advice is to really give writing notebooks a durability test, and see which you will use, and continue to use. Is the journal durable? Can it lay flat? Does the binding feel week?

Price: $4.50
Source: Muji


(Bottom image credit: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)