iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones Review


The iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones are right in the $100 sweet spot of headphones that are full of features with a solid sound quality. We were impressed with the weight of these over-the-ear headphones, but not with the design. While the black pair looks modern and sleek, the white design looks meant for a storm trooper.

The sound was bass heavy and very clear. We tested these against Beats and could not hear much difference in sound quality. Some of the great features of the Coda Forte is the Bluetooth, volume and skipping controls and built-in microphone. The Bluetooth lasted 12 hours and when we turned on the headphones, they connected to the latest device they were used for. Most over-the-ear headphones tend to squeeze your ears after a long session, but the Coda Forte are so light that they relieve some of the pressure.

Overall, these headphones are a great value. These headphones provide a clear sound quality for phone calls and listening to music as the outside noise is suppressed, not cancelled.

Price: $99
Source: ZAGG







(Image Credits: Bruce Leong/Dapper Guide)