Concept and Custom Watches


Concept cars are nothing new, and neither are concept watches. Our favorite Seiko of all-time is a concept watch that was part of the 2003 Power Design Project (See above) that never went into production. Concept timepieces are design centric and while the movement is the most important part of a watch, for concept projects the design reigns king. We don’t look at custom projects and imagine the innards, but lust after its looks. For those looking to explore their creative juices, we’ve picked three custom watch companies with quick and easy online interfaces that produce quality watches. It’s important to note that Blancier and 121Time have Swiss roots while Fewsome is from Sweeden. That should not be a deterrent as all of these watches are high quality custom pieces for all prices.


Company – Blancier
Price – $$$
Quality – 9/10
User Interface – 5/10

Blancier has a much stronger watchmaking history and experience than the other two companies and that come at a higher price. Watches start around $1,000 and go up. Their designs are simple and dressy. Most watches come with an in-house movement and their most expensive movement comes equipped with a tourbillion. Their designs appear vintage-like and have the look of a completely handmade unique piece, because each watch is just that. The user interface is behind the time with the feel of a mini portal within a page that has low resolution images.

Source: Blancier


Company – 121Time
Price – $$
Quality – 7.5/10
User Interface – 9/10

121Time is the middle child that produces solid watches with many customizable options and the best user interface out of the three. Their watches start at $200 and go up to $600. Like all three watch companies the movement, dial, case, hands, strap and bezel are customizable. Frankly, their site looks legit, easy to maneuver and their images are clear. Their best movement is made by ETA at 28,800 bph, so we know their more design focused than anything. While they may have fixed up the movement, it’s still running on one of the most popular and affordable automatic movements in the industry. If we’re looking for a splurge, 121Time has a bit of everything, quality, price and great designs.

Source: 121Time


Company – Fewsome
Price – $$
Quality – 6/10
User Interface – 6/10

Fewsome is the little brother to the other two watch companies that makes watches that closely remind us of Fossil and Timex rather than something meant for a suit. The site is easy use, but feels cheaper compared to 121Time. It could be the designs or even their logo, and we reserve this watch company for sporty watches or something to match our casual outfit. They do have many colors to choose from, so a bright orange watch is not out of the question.

Source: Fewsome

All of these watch companies occupy a small piece of the custom watch market. They all make very good watches and leave you with the flexibility to do whatever you want. Blancier is the professional big brother, 121Time is the reliable and creative younger brother and Fewsome is the wild-card youngest child capable of turning heads. One feature that will appeal to everyone is the engraving option, we do urge any custom watch buyer to add this. You’ve been creative, took an interest in your watch and now make it your own. Engravings are on the back of the case so only you see it unlike custom shirts where your initials become a name tag (assumes you forgot your name).