Southern Tier Warlock Imperial Stout Review


There’s many beers with pumpkin this season and they’re best had during the fall or early winter season, however the Southern Tier Warlock imperial stout was best served during Halloween (It is still drinkable). The bottle is named for a man that practices witchcraft, and features a devious Jack-o’-lantern on the front. The Warlock imperial stout is made with pumpkins and is part of Southern Tier’s Blackwater Series. The series features beers with high gravity (Correlates to a high ABV).

Southern Tier beers come in all styles and we’re most familiar with their flavorful 2XIPA and 2XStout. Both are identified with a heavy hand in flavor coming from hops or an aggressive grain bill. The Warlock stout is also rich and flavorful, but is not inline with pumpkin flavored beers, rather a beer with a hint of pumpkin.

  • Appearance – Pours pitch black with a frothy tan head (not too thick)
  • Aroma – Rootbeer, milk chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and a graham cracker crust
  • Taste – Full body, bitter sweet chocolate, touch of caramel and a strong vanilla flavor. The pumpkin comes through with a bit of spice rather than the first upfront flavor
  • Overall – 8/10 Easy drinking imperial stout that is full of flavor and spices, but not much pumpkins. Don’t expect a pumpkin beer, but a complex imperial stout with a roastiness to it.

Source: Southern Tier Brewing Company