Chrome BLCKCHRM Collection


Dark colors — navy, blue, black, grey and brown — rule the fall and winter season. Depressing as it may appear, there’s a perfectly scientific reason behind why dark clothing is better for the cold: it absorbs more heat, keeping us all warmer. The same logic explains why we wear bright whites during the summer; it keeps us cooler.

While camo and polka dot gear are making a comeback this season, the “murdered-out” all-black look is also making its way into more than a few collections from well-known brands. Such is the case with Chrome Industries’ BLCKCHRM collection, which takes three iconic bags: the Citizen messenger, Bravo backpack and Sotnik duffle and sucks all the color out until Darth Vader would approve of them.

Everything from the seatbelt buckles to the zippers to even the red Chrome logo have been rebadged in stealthy black — fitting for the name “BLCKCHRM” (that’s black chrome, if you haven’t figured it out by now).

All three bags are made in Chico, CA and feature weatherproof Hypalon outer shells and military-grade truck tarpaulin liner, which makes them as durable as they are stylish. Pricing is as follows: BLCKCHRM Citizen ($200), BLCKCHRM Bravo ($240) and BLCKCHRM Sotnik ($280).

Price: $200+
Source: Chrome



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