Garrett Leight Eyewear


Warby Parker may have taken the world by storm with its affordable eyewear, but high fashion comes with a high price. For designs that are truly unique and durable in construction, Warby Parker just doesn’t cut it.

Formed in 2010, Garret Leight California Optical (GLCO) is a relatively young eyewear brand that is dedicated to creating glasses (and sunglasses) with “the best materials in the world.” Its plastic frames are made from scratch in Italy or sourced from vintage plastics in Japan, its hinges and core wires from Germany, and lenses are sourced from Italy. If that doesn’t speak for the quality of GLCO, nothing will.

From keyholes to horn rims, GLCO’s collection of eyewear run a wide spectrum of styles. Some of our favorites include the Oxford made from titanium ($395), Mark McNairy Hickory ($445), and the Brooks ($285).

The best part: none of the glasses have any obnoxious logo branding on the temples.

Price: $285-$445
Source: Garrett Leight