Zara Leather Sneaker


A few years ago a clothing company was not making shoes aside from a one-off canvas slip-on. Lately, we’re seeing viable dress and casual shoes from clothing companies. We tend to lean towards the rule that, we buy clothing from clothing companies, and shoes from shoe companies, however the lines are becoming blurred. Zara has been our go to for dress clothing from button-downs to suits, but they’re leather shoe styles are quietly becoming an equal option to Aldo and Timberland.

The Zara Leather Sneaker is a fun playful take on every popular casual shoe ever. We see a little Puma, Converse, Steve Madden and Asics in the design, and they look good. It is important to note these look-a-like shoes differ from most in that they’re actually made of leather. The quality is good and they work with a suit, and on those Thursday’s that you’re looking for something casual, but still dressy.

Price: $89
Source: Zara


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