Jack Purcell Black + White Camo


I confess: I have an unhealthy obsession with Jack Purcell sneakers. Whenever I see a limited edition pair, I jump through loops trying to get them. If I remember correctly, it started around 2007 when I visited Hong Kong and saw all of the locals wearing them. Purcells were like the Jordans — coveted by everyone of all ages. Bootlegs were everywhere. I remember coming back to the U.S. and nobody was into them the way they were into them in Hong Kong. Total culture/trend mind-explosion.

Last year, I hastily snapped up three pairs of Undefeated x Jack Purcells only to wear out a pair of red ones. It’s probably one of my all-time favorite sneakers I’ve ever owned. I digress.

As I’ve observed this entire season, camouflage is definitely back in style, and these Jack Purcell Black + White Camo kicks only reinforce the trend. I’m not a fan of every type of camo, but the pattern on these are subtle and not at all repelling. the black laces and white eyelets along with the stitching on the tongue add that extra special touch.

Available in sizes 8.5 to 11, these are just half a size too big for my feet. But you can find them on American Rag.

Price: $85
Source: American Rag (via Hypebeast)