Rossling & Co Watches and Tweed Straps

Crowd funded watches are becoming more and more popular. While many watches claim they are innovative, let’s be fair, they’re not. Rossling & Co has come out with ultra thin watches that are affordable, versatile and stylish. Those are the three goals Rossling & Co had in mind when creating this thin watch. We do like the simple design, but we’ve seen this years earlier with the luxurious Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin or the affordable Skagen watches.


The Rossling & Co watch is thin, like ridiculously thin, and surprisingly has a well-known quartz movement, Ronda 1069 with a small seconds hand. The case is 40 mm and made from stainless steel and has a sapphire crystal. With a classic look and good movement, this watch shines with its tweed strap (Surprisingly). We have professed that a strap is nothing compared to the rest of thew watch, but for a $100 a watch, the tweed strap is truly something different. We’re coming into the cold weather seasons and tweed is warmer than leather. There are nine days left for this already successful project and for a $129 donation, you can obtain a Rossling & Co watch.


Source: Kickstarter