Niman Ranch Mail Order Beef


In a grocery store we’re lured into buying either the cheapest meat or the one with the most buzz words, “Choice grass-fed”. When it comes down to it, we don’t really have a clue where our meat comes from unless it’s listed on the package or it comes from a well-known meat purveyor. It is actually easier than you think to know where your meat is raised, how the animal eats, the environment it is raised in and it doesn’t include a trip to a farmers market, buy it online. We do urge you to support your local farmers, but when that’s not possible, there’s many companies that you will ship your meat to your doorstep.

Pat LaFrieda may be the “it” meat purveyor currently, but Omaha Steaks has long dominated the online market. Another company that sells their meat online is Niman Ranch. They’re meats can be found in restaurants throughout the country and at your local Mexican restaurant, Chipolte. Foodies will argue that Chipolte is nothing more than fast food, and they’re right. However, their meat is fed only a vegetarian diet, lives outside and is looked after by sustainable farmers. That store-bought beef that’s grade A or grass-fed is nothing compared to Niman. Niman’s online store has everything from ribeyes to breakfast sausages.

Source: Niman Ranch