Coin Card


The urban man travels lightly, which makes him efficient. Everyone’s wallets are filled with credit, debit and loyalty membership cards. And they make your wallet bulge and burst at the seams. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. It’s a tragedy. But what if you could use one card for all of those cards?

Coin aims to be that ultimate card. It works like this: you swipe all of your cards into the Coin app on your iPhone. From there, you can load up to eight different credit/debit cards into the water and shock-resistant Coin card. To select a card for use, simply press the button to switch between them. The tiny screen will tell you which card you’ve selected. Then, swipe the card as you would a normal credit/debit card.

The creators of Coin also tout the card’s security features. There’s 128-bit/256-bit encryption and it will disable itself if it detects it’s out of range from your smartphone. If the latter happens, then Coin will send your phone a notification to alert you.

Initial concerns on the security of Coin have also been answered in an FAQ posted to the company’s site.

So far, Coin looks to have caught the eyes of many minimalists looking to slim down their wallets. The Coin card blew past its $50,000 funding goal in 40 minutes. Coin is available for $50 + a $5 shipping fee as a pre-order, but will balloon up to $100 afterwards.

Price: $55
Source: Coin