Belts on a Budget

Belts are an absolute necessity in men’s fashion. While they serve a function in holding up your pants, they also must match your shoes. If you know nothing of color coordinating, for business and dressy attire, belts and shoes must match. We’ve picked out a few quality belts that are very affordable. A belt at Gap and Levi’s range from $30-$50 and they’re nothing special, so with a bit of searching we’re able to find higher quality belts in the same price range on


Cole Haan Classic Roller Belt – $45.99 (Regularly $65)
Cole Haan have always made great shoes by using quality leathers and they’re belts are not amazing, but solid. This black belt goes well with a suit.


John Varvatos 32mm Harness on Tubular Strap Belt – $38.25 (Regularly $85)
John Varvatos makes outstanding modern men’s clothing and the Tublar Strap Belt is primarily for casual use, but has a soft texture and can match with a suit.


Ben Sherman Reversible Belt – $29.99 (Regularly $50)
The Ben Sherman Reversible Belt might be the only belt you’ll need for a while. If you go with the black/brown model, it will match with everything in your closet. There is a lift and twist buckle to change colors which will wear down with time.