Introducing ‘Frequent Flyer’


Over the last six months, Dapper Guide’s growth has exploded. Instead of pushing out volume, we’ve focused on quality — quality writing and quality products, hand-picked to meet our high standards (and hopefully yours). Dapper Guide was started because we felt a lot of men’s lifestyles sites weren’t providing any real, well, lifestyle guidance. Many blogs tout themselves as “men’s lifestyle” sites, but few have proven their ability to move beyond resorting to tits and ass to grab pageviews. In a nutshell: those sites are pandering to the lowest common denominator of the male species.

Dapper Guide sits on the opposite spectrum. We care deeply about quality — products, food, events — and that’s why you’ll only find products that are thoughtful in utility or design published on our site. We don’t want to waste our money and time, and neither should you.

One of the ways we’ve really differentiated ourselves from the rest of the men’s lifestyle sites is with quality features. From our reviews (products and beer!) to our Style 101 guides to our homebrewing adventures, we’ve been expanding our helpful long-form because we still believe there isn’t a proper manual for the modern gent.

Today, I’m proud to reveal one of our newest features: Frequent Flyer. Frequent Flyer will offer tips and advice for guys constantly on the go (like us). Thanks to the decentralization of the Internet, most office jobs are no longer bound by four walls and a cubicle. As such, work can be done anywhere in the world, so long as you have a computer and a reliable Internet connection. Frequent Flyer will provide insightful tips and advice to make jetting around the globe a smoother experience.

To make a long announcement short, here is our first Frequent Flyer feature: Buying Clothes In Asia.