HP Chromebook 11


Google’s Chromebook initiative has always been somewhat of a weak spot in the company’s portfolio. Instead of running Windows or even Linux, Chromebooks run Chrome OS, which is really just the Chrome web browser with added app functionality. Chromebook’s pitch is this: the most used app on a computer is a web browser, so why not buy a computer that boots directly into the Chrome browser in under 10 seconds?

Samsung and Acer have both backed Google’s laptops with their own respective cheap sub $300 laptops since 2011, but none of them are particularly attractive or have decent keyboards. In fact, most existing Chromebooks look MacBook Air knockoffs or re-badged netbooks (remember those?). HP’s Chromebook 11 is a new breed of Google-powered laptops with a sturdy full-sized keyboard and solid polycarbonate construction. They also come in a variety of color accents to suit any person’s style.

Each Chromebook 11 weighs only 2.3 pounds, has an 11-inch (1366 x 768 resolution) display, Samsung processor, 16GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, VGA-resolution webcam, and two USB 2.0 ports. Battery life is rated at about six hours, which is enough to get you from New York to L.A. without turning it off.

The best part: the Chromebook 11 charges over micro USB, which means you can use your smartphone or tablet chargers to juice this laptop up.

Price: $279
Source: Google Play

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