180s Tuckerman Ear Warmers


Winter’s cold is here to stay and we are less than thrilled for the three to four months to come. Our ears are one of the few uncovered body part during the winter and we prefer winter hats and ear warmers. Winter hats are easy to get as many affordable clothing companies make comfortable and warm hats. Ear warmers are tougher to find and we have purchased ear warmers from street vendors, but they tend to breakdown as become unusable after a month. 180s are our go-to ear warmers as they are incredibly durable and comfortable.

180s ear warmers come in a variety of fabrics and colors and even ones with headphones. The 180s Tuckerman ear warmers come in a faux suede shell with a faux shearling liner. These ear warmers fit comfortably and snug over your ears. There is an adjustable click-to-fit feature ensuring they stay on your ears and do not droop.

Price: $30
Source: 180s

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