Bluelounge Sanctuary4


Aside from slimming down our wallets, we’re also big supporters of cable management. Now, more than ever, we have charging cables for every single new device we bring into our homes. Bluelounge’s latest cable wrangler is the Sanctuary4, a docking station that charges up to four devices at once via its 4-amp charge (two tablets, one tablet and two smartphones, or four smartphones at once). Cables are stuffed underneath the tray, and then your devices are attached. Each charging dock comes with only one 8-inch Micro-USB, so you’ll have to bring your own cables to the table.

It’s not quite as seamless as wireless charging and you can probably build one of these little charging docks yourself with an old cigar box, but it won’t have the same kind of illustrious build-quality as the Sanctuary4. If you need something to dock your tablets and smartphones into before hitting the hay, you can’t go wrong with the Sanctuary 4, so long as its $100 price doesn’t bother you.

Price: $100
Source: Bluelounge