Mikkeller Brunch Weasel Beer Review


Mikkeller has long been one of the greatest european gypsy breweries and recently they have opened a brewery in San Francisco, CA. When the Brunch Weasel beer came out we bought a few bottles to age and a few to try. This imperial stout is nearly 11% ABV and is full of flavor and body. You’ll notice the beers we gravitate towards are flavorful and unique. We do appreciate the average MGD or Bud, but prefer beers that are unique. The Brunch Weasel is brewed with an emphasis on coffee flavors as the coffee beans used come from a small coffee producer in Vietnam.

  • Appearance – Pours thick as molasses,opaque in color with a dark cocoa colored head
  • Aroma – Cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, coffee aromas that remind us of a bourbon scent
  • Taste – Coffee, chocolate flavors with a thick warm mouthfeel (Sounds weird, but seriously!), butter smoothness and has a hides alcohol well
  • Overall – 9/10 Robust, flavorful and reminds us of drinking a cold mocha


Source: Mikkeller
(Image credits: Bruce/Dapper Guide)

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