Style 101: Using Shoe Trees to Keep Shoes in Top Condition


We understand buying a nice pair of shoes requires a bit of conviction and risk, so if that pair of shoes has some impact on your wallet, they deserve special care. At the lowest level, your expensive (For you) shoes should always be cleaned so liquids and salts do not deteriorate the leather. After making sure your shoes are clean, then storing them becomes the biggest and most important step. We recommend shoe trees as they are the “TLC” required to keep shoes in top shape.

Shoe trees do three essential things for your shoes:

    • Keeps shoes smelling fresh and clean
    • Absorbs moisture that can ruin leather
    • Pushes creases out of the upper

There are many arguments regarding the type of shoe tree and we tend to lean towards the price of a shoe tree should correlate to the price of your shoes. Shoe tress should cost 10-15% of the cost of your shoes and cedar material is always a good start. We haven’t heard big benefits of one material over another so stick to the price. If you can throw money around, forget shoe trees and buy another pair each season, otherwise understand shoes are an investment and require care. If you’re past the point of shoe trees, we recommend a shoe leather lotion above a polish as polishes tend to dry out leather and cause cracking.

Price: $19.95
Source: Amazon