JackThreads Suit Sale – $90 Suits


JackThreads is a men’s clothing site by Thrillist that features mostly casual streetwear with a healthy dose of business casual. Tuxedos and fancy watches are non-existent, however affordable stylish clothes are available and there are items that you can’t get on your corner Uniqlo or H&M.


Jack Threads has an insane deal on suits that ends today at around 5pm EST. Crosby & Ross and EDGE by WD.NY suits are discounted so a jacket and pants combination is $90, this is 70% off the retail prices. We purchased a few of the EDGE by WD.NY suits and the fit is fairly good, but requires some alteration. At $90 for each suit, you can’t really go wrong. One VERY IMPORTANT note is these suits are non-returnable so we advise that you pick a size up rather than trying to get it right as a tailor can alter it down only. These suits have stylish designs and slim fitting and are mostly made of Polyester and are produced in China.


Price: $90 (Mix and match jacket and pants)
Source: JackThreads