2014 Lord Huron Tour

Lord Huron started as a musical project by Ben Schneider in Okemos, Michigan and within a few years he moved to Los Angeles and in 2010 formed the band, Lord Huron we now know today. They are the now widely popular, selling out shows across the country and recently performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. When you hear them, you’d think they sprouted up out of nowhere with their throwback folk sound, however it was a long journey to the sellout shows today. Their debut album Lonesome Dreams is currently their set list, but it was released in 2012. While their commercial success hasn’t quite come yet, that might be fine for a band that’s truthful and makes great music.

Lord Huron is making their way throughout the country and for us, they’re coming to Terminal 5 in New York on February 7th. Take a listen to their album and it will sound like one long storytelling track. They are also working on a follow-up to their first album. Check out their site, www.lordhuron.com for upcoming shows in your area and where to get their album.

Source: The Bowery Presents