Kickstarter Trend: Playing Cards

We seem to be in the “Playing Cards Season” as there are multiple Kickstarter campaigns funding playing cards. These projects are an easy way to get some pretty interesting conversation pieces, poker game supplies and to blow your money (At $10-$20 a pop). We’re old-school when it comes to playing cards, and we prefer the classic Bicycle® 807 Deck, but always like to mix up a card game with an interesting deck. Within the numerous Kickstarter campaigns, we’ve highlighted four that we like. These playing cards designs vary from bare bones to intricate details (American Psycho-like business cards) to storytelling.

1. Origins Playing Cards – Patrick Batemen would own this deck as each case is embossed and printed with gold foil. The higher pledge levels offer different color sets. Each playing card design is taken from designs during the 15th and 16th century in Rouen, France
Price: $15 (One Deck)
Source: Kickstarter

2. Seven Seas Playing Cards – This deck likely comes from the brain of Jack Sparrow as the designs are illustrated tales of Ghost Ships, Pirates, and Sea Creatures. There are some greek sea creatures (Charybdis) in the mix as well.
Price: $12 (One Deck)
Source: Kickstarter


3. Surena: The Persian Bicycle Playing Cards – These cards are more vibrant and colorful then the others and feature an interesting spin on traditional playing cards through Persian legends.
Price: $11 (One Deck)
Source: Kickstarter

4. One Million Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck – Traditional in design with an emphasis on texture. The cards are printed on high-quality paper and gold metallic inks. This deck is aimed at collectors, but can equally be used in a friendly cash game.
Price: $10 (One Deck)
Source: Kickstarter